Tall Tubular

This is the ideal battery for deep cycle usage with Luminous Inverters and Solar Home UPS. Designed exclusively for inverters and UPS, this is an excellent value for money product that provides the longest duty life with minimal maintenance needs. This battery is particularly suitable for use in areas with frequent power cuts.

Key Features

  • Extremely high purity, corrosion-resistant proprietary spine alloy composition ensures longer battery service life
  • Tubular plate construction ensures uniform distribution of positive active for extremely long life and superior performance, and also ensures deep cycle usage
  • Manufacture of spines using HADI high pressure casting machine, helps maintain void free and uniform grain structure.
  • Extra-strong, flexible oxidation-resistant gauntlet for higher performance and extremely long life
  • Balanced plate design, inter-partition connections, ensures lowest internal resistance for improved charge acceptance & excellent deep discharge recovery.
  • Tower type PPCP container-cover design, assuring significantly higher electrolyte level above plates
  • Easy maintenance with In-line level indicator for easy visibility to water level
  • Special envelope separator minimizes possibility of internal short circuit
  • Robust Tubular plates provide many years of service
  • Low antimony alloy used – very low maintenance
  • Steady output voltage
  • Sleek appearance in sealed plastic housing
  • Excellent overcharge tolerance (Accepts very deep discharge – suitable for long power cuts)
  • Level indicators aid easy maintenance

Technical Info:

ModelZelio 1,1o0Zelio 1,700
Voltage (Input)110-290V110-290V
Max Bulb Load (Output)685 Watt1,200 Watt
Maximum Charging Current (battery)15A17A
Gross Weight (Kg.)11.015.4
Dimension LxWxH (cm)27.5×24.8×1231x29x13.5

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